Thursday, March 29, 2007

~A friend (Part 4)~

We have to ready losing a friend…at anytime.

Some of friends will forget you at time they have find the comfort life, they as if do not think how lonely your life without them.

Some friends will behave like want to move away from your life even if you try your best run to keep close with them, until you feel exhausted, then decide you are really unwanted; have to leave them in peace…

Some friends keep be with you because she feel some advantages from you … they are there when they need you….

Friends that you think so close to you, not always the one who will keep laughing with you in the next some years…

We can’t complain why such a friend can do that, because your live have to go on…..

The best way to overcome those feeling is to choose passing your life in best way too….

Be grateful to Allah subhana wata’ala for every friend that come across in your life…Allah gives you chance to learn a lot from them, about life, about many different human characters. You can understand more what the meaning of true and sincere friendship is.

Rasulullah salalhu alaihi wassalam said “a believer is the mirror of his brother”
[1] That mean if we sees any faults in the other believer, that will draws our attention , to helps our friend to give it up and helps them wipe away any evil that they may have.

There is no more sad experience compare to losing a friendship because you trying to be the mirror, to advice them in da’wah ilallah., when you wish something good for them like the good thing that happened in your life, when you think you should share the best part that you found in your life.

A good change in your life doesn’t always make you get more friendships.…. Not all of your friend will be happy with it… not all of them appreciate it like the way you do…

Remember Rasulullsah salalhu alahi wassalam and his companions radiyallahu anhum had to lose not only their friends but also their dear families when they embraced Islam. They are the best people, but they also experienced the losing of their dear ones. They never regret, for the truth that they found, they stick to it to the last blood….

We will lose our dear friends when we follow their trait too. There are so many people who will against us when we are trying to stick to the true teaching of Islam and persistent to apply His sunnah, they are including your dear friends….

I nearly to lose some friends because of that…or maybe I have lost their friendship…. Wallahualam.

It’s indeed unbearable pain….. Feeling like stranger, so lonely, one by one your friends leaving you. They just can’t fit with you anymore. You like an alien from the outer space… Your sincere advice will be sounded like criticize their ways ……

However why so sad…. I am not losing my faith….Alhamdulillah… a true friend still exist…… Friends who make you glow and say that they love you so much… the love purely for the sake of Allah…

A true friend,….maybe some of them have to depart from your life because they sometimes just don’t have choice…. But each time she has contact with the “world” she keep asking you….still remember you….Even if she never in touch with you…. She always remembers you in every prayer….. Always keep all the memory intact in her mind and wishing one day Allah will gather you again in jannah….. "Allah subhana wata’ala said: `Those who love one another for My glory will have minbars of light, and the Prophets and martyrs will wish that they had the same."

There is still friends who patiently to guide you to make you discover the true teaching of islam….

Alhamdulillah I found some friends who keep stick to me patiently accompany me to find the light, the true teaching of Islam… that the most precious treasure, indeed a great blessing from Allah…..

InshaAllah have trust in Allah., after so long journey in searching of true friendship, Allah will finally bless us some of true friendship, at least we will have better understanding what is a true friendship.

That’s journey maybe long… the journey might be full of bitterness and pain. It somehow depend on how you learn yourself and how your improve yourself. A true mo’min will not keep her falling to the same hole and keep doing the same mistake, we should always learn from the mistakes….

Wallahualam bishshowab.

Batam 17 March 2007

[1]Abu Dawood, Hasan Hadith
[2] Reported by Tirmidhi, 4/24, Bab ma ja'a fi al-hubb fi-Allah; he said, it is a sahih hasan hadith.


Anonymous 7:54 AM  

We all have our stories; intimate stories about our lives that we long to share. Stories about those things that have dearly touched us and stories about things that have cruelly torn us apart; stories about our Islamic Life, stories about Honor, stories about Despair, stories as a Muslimah, stories as a Wife, stories as a Mother, stories as a Daughter, stories as a Student or stories as an Islamic Preacher (Da'ee).

Our stories are about what happens to us, within us, around us. Our beautiful Islamic life, happiness, grief, the silly times, the lonely times. Some of our stories are about that simple moment in our lives that change us forever. And some are about the significant moments that we wish we could do over.

We add daily to the stories we need to tell. And we let go of the ones that no longer seem meaningful enough to share. These stories we gently lay to rest.

When we listen to each other's stories we learn about ourselves, and we learn we are not alone.

Listening to another's story, we feel our knowledge increase. It is what helps us recognize the hero within and graciously receive the one standing before us.
Our stories need to be told. We search out someone to listen, someone to understand, someone to tell us their stories. This profound connection is essential to our wellness. The telling and the listening are what makes our lives authentic.