Sunday, March 18, 2007

~A friend (Part 1)~

They are many friends that we made in our life… just few who remain forever..

They have to move on with their life, times make they have to change doesn’t matter your life are just seem the same.

I still remember some friends in my childhood time when I was about 3 to 7 years old that was the most beautiful moments because I felt I had many friends. The closest ones are one girl and two 2 boys who living close to my home.….One of the boy is from non Moslem family.

We separated when our daddy had to move to different city…

I remember I tried to trace where they are, I often asked my parents where they are. My parents sometimes meet their parents in some company's events, I wish if by chance we were passing their places we could come by…

I was very happy that girl moved close to my elementary school.. Each time I passing her house I watching her house carefully wishing if I could see her somewhere smiling to me , asked me to stop and invited me to her house to “play” and share many stories like old time…… I wish my mom would have any kind of mother clubs visiting there where they allowed to bring kids… so I could meet my friends….But usually parents events didn’t include children :(

I wrote her letters through her younger brother who was studying in the same school…I was so much happy she replied me [maybe not less than got the love letter :)]. I felt like It was a very briliant idea to start writing her letter and she answered it.

We exchanged letter for sometimes, She is older than me…..I admire all things about her, I even amaze with the way she made the envelope, it looked so cute, I tried to make my own too when replied her letter [but it not as nice as her ]. I read her letters so many times…. , I admire her pretty hand writings…. She sometimes wrote some words in English!, it sound very cool ….. I asked her… Did she need open dictionary if she want to write sentence in English? :) She seems so perfect to me as she always good in the study….

After sometimes the correspondence just stopped :(….Not me who stopped it…. I remember she didn’t reply my letter when I started comment her about her boyfriend when she said she has one … What I was a very tinny kid what I know about having boyfriend ! I also do not have idea where that thought comes from to advice her to not have boyfriend….

I learnt.... an adult doesnt like a kid lecture them sometimes.... Be kid should be polite if you want to say your opinions.....

I met one of those boys when I was in high school …His school just next to mine…Once I followed my parents visit his house…… He seems doesn’t recognize me... I remember him because one scratch on my leg that I got when ride his bikes…..

I wondered why he didnt choose to study in the same high school. His uncle said.... even if both that school next each other... and my school is best one.. he doesnt like to be there... He said that school seem bored.. so many serious people..and too many hijabi girl there .. :(

That day... I learnt....... I think we grew in different direction ...... wallahualam...

I met the last boy when went to university…. It was my mom who told me if one of my old friends also joined the same university….Surprised he is smart too :)...

I asked my classmate regarding him to confirm that news…. But my friend told me… : “Rytha, but he is non Moslem”
“ So what ? I just asking about him…. I am not going to marry him”….

If woman ask about man that not all want to marry him… I just getting excited…I found an old friend.

My mom said that his mom told him too if I also study in the same university like him……. But he said his mom : “ Who is Rytha? “

He doesn’t remember me at all…

His mom screams at him, she couldn’t believe her son forget me…She told him all our childhood time, trying to recall him all our childhood memory… She lecture him how we grow up together…, always go anywhere together... She said is that little girl who help you escape for home when I was locking you in room because I was giving you punishment for be so much naughty…. etc etc…

Still he doesn’t remember at all…

But I still remember clearly… how silly kids all of us…. I tried to follow those boys’ activities…..climbing the tree, crossing the big ditch …swim in the dirty pool….jumping, running, salto in the yard... We had imagination hero….. riding bike around the complex…. Fighting … Share stupid ghost story….. etc....

Astaghfirullah… silly… but we were kids…..

I totally lost contact with all of them now…

I learn…
They are friends when I was very young, but it still clearly upset to know they do not remember you, feel like they do not keep your childhood memory as precious as you think about them.... …
It somehow bitter to feel things have to change and you find you not in the same way with them....

We were kids…. All what happened in kids’ time were just innocent…. So… it doesn’t matter if they do not remember their childhood friends…. It consider innocent too… wallahualam…..

However their mother at least still remember who are you

To be continue…inshaAllah.


Anonymous 7:39 PM  



After read this First part of your Article, I Close my eyes and think back to when I was small. My friends, football, playing under rain, climbing trees etc. These moments make me laugh, Once my little brother "Yusuf" see many scratch on my leg that I got when I was child. "You Look Like a Boy" he said. LOL yes... all of them from football, sepatu roda, climbing trees. etc.

Childhood indeed beautiful moment.
Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end.

Waiting for your coming article... I Know that you will share something useful from your life experience to us.

What will matter is not what you bought but what you built, not what you got but what you gave.
What will matter is not your success but your significance.
What will matter is not your competence but your character.
What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you're gone.
What will matter is not your memories but the memories that live in those who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.

My best friend is Someone...
Who is the most Care...
Where I will go, after I die.


sis Dina

Houda 8:37 PM  

Dear friend,
I loved your blog. It is very wonderful for it comes out of a pure heart. I loved photos and the flowers.........nice to meet you my sweet sister.
with all my devout wishes,