Friday, March 23, 2007

~A friend (Part 3)~

Sometimes, a concept of friendship in our childhood times seems simpler; mostly end with happy ending. Our friends surely will love us if we keep sharing them sweetness of candies, they will never abuse us if we show them the way how to do something correctly.

When we grow up…. Even if we knee down and saying wallahi I am doing all of these sincerely for your goodness…. I want you also feel the same sweetness of faith and the beautiful of Islam like I do… I care so much for your goodness……Not all our friends will take it in the same way….Simply because not all of them are happy about that ….

However….We never able to go back to our childhood time, we can’t expect people consider us like an innocent children.

All we can do just learn to be stronger, patience… grow up and more mature.

This is another sad chapter that I got from a friend….

Long time ago a friend writes this to me……


I never wanted to be on your GROUP of brothers and sisters... and despite asking you so many times not to include me in your silly low level of sick TABLEEGHI mindset why the hell are u sticking to me.... can you just forgive my life and stop trying to enter it. I am telling you to stay away as you are constantly disturbing my peace.

Your group of people can enjoy your greetings and best wishes always .. just keep away from me. If you dont understand and kept bugging me then i will definitely come down to your level and make you away by something you wont ever forget

Allah will guide you if you open your eyes and mind. Some people have their eyes and hearts locked up..... You have been told hundreds of times to respect others privacy and life and dont enter without being asked.... Where is your shame then? WHY THE HELL ARE U STICKING AND FOLLOWING ME AND TRYING TO FIND WAYS AND REASONS TO CONTACT BY ONE WAY OR OTHER WHEN YOU KNOW THAT I JUST DONT WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH YOU


are u doing it for YOUR ISLAM?? it must be something that you can call ISLAM not others.... you are trying to gain things in the name of ISLAM in a hope to keep others with you because you cant get them otherwise but you will be answering ALLAH for this dJust keep away from me... do you understand ?? otherwise i know how to take away your peace of mind also.....
I know a bitch like you wont understand easily but i know how to FIX you and your shamelessness

So if you cant control your feelings next time.... then spend it somewhere else but stay away from me....... i dont need to be associated with an internet bitch who has many MALES around her to satisfy her and who wears HIJABS and says ISLAM ISLAM...... and .......

END ….

Only Allah who knows best what I felt after read such rude email……This poem maybe can describe what I feel…

Ya Allah
Why there is a person who can be trying to be that cruel…
Is that meant…. Am I really that cruel?

Which sins that made me has to pay for this….
Is this a calamity because of my sins…?
Perhaps my istighfar not enough to forgive me
Or is this a test for my patience and sincerity…

You the only one who know the journey of this…
You are the witness of the truth of it…..

Did I care him with the wrong way?
I am not complaining to You….
Caring of him taught me the meaning of real patience and sincerity…
Till I forget what the meaning of hate and pain…

If I am oppressed you must answer my pray…
Please be with him always….
Please help him always….
Please take care him always….
Please forgive him always….
Please make him like the one that You love always

I believe he is a better person than what he showed…
I believe he has heart….
I believe he has a lot of goodness…
He just tried hurt himself…..
Please forgive him…..

My dear lord I leave him with you
Make him meets things that he search in his life…….
Never leave him alone….even if how naughty he is
He needs You more than before…

Ameen ya robbal alamin….

" so lost no heart, nor fall into despair. For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in faith" [HQ 3:139]

Lahaula walla quwata illa billah…..

I kept that letter for sometimes, I delete it from my inbox when I didn’t feel the same sad and pain anymore read it again… It’s like kind of therapy for me, a therapy to comprehend what actually I feel, until I can let my heart free and relief.

It’s also an evaluation for a mistake that I did. In this case I also made a mistake. It’s a mistake to involve too close with non mahram man even if our intention is pure.

I learn one precious lesson, even if how sincere we are…. we woman tend to be so personal when dealing with brother. Woman tend to act like a hero who wants to save all live…. She is so much sensitive, her soft and tender heart cant let other alone if she think her friends need guide, always think to be a savior for that person, even if time by time she make herself drawn.

I conclude it’s better in the first place a brother help another brother and a sister try to limit herself to communicate with sister….inshaAllah it will be safer...wallahualam…

In adult world, not all of our friends like if us, we try to be balance, always tell nice things, keep send Islamic messages, etc. It like a torture for their morality sometimes… And for sure you are indeed a bored creature for them… astaghifirullah…

That day I learnt if two completely different friends will be hardly to get along well. It like you both living in the different planet… talk different language, have opposite frame of thought…….

Someone who attach her heart to attend majelis ilmy [assembly to learn Islamic knowledge] impossible to be fit with a friend who cant sit even for few minutes in that gathering. That kind of friend maybe feels better if she sit in cafĂ©, watch movie in cinema, shopping, saloon etc…

If you love listen and recite Quranic verse….You cant stand well be among of friends who crazy about music…. You heart become dull… Your friend also feel same, she feel you how so old fashion, what a pathetic creature who do not know new hits and famous singer you are….You like a person who have been living in the cave for whole of your life….

A friend who usual being among mixed groups of opposite gender will always enjoy be in party and hanging with her males friends. You can’t stand if should company her/him. If she go with you in a sparete gathering… it will be so strange…..How many of people on this earth prepare for attend separate gathering!

You will be really exactly like a ghuroba [stranger], You will completely just different.. like earth and heaven.. day and night… just exactly like in opposite personality and character….

If keep going together…one will influence other or one will be influenced by other. That’s why we should very careful to choose our friend. In an authentic Hadith, Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wassalam said: “A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend.” [Abu Dawood and at-Tirmithi] “The example of a bad companion is the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows.. he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him.” ( Al-Bukhari and Muslim) .

If we befriend with a virtue person, inshaAllah at least we have obey the sunnah of Rasullullah sallahu alaihi wassalam to choose a good companions. We inshaAllah will follow her habit and her goodness too. But if we follow a bad friend, people mostly think we just the same like our friends…

A real friendship is where you can advice each other in good things and reject in evils….

The last that I learnt, being hurt and sad if can’t help to light your dear friend to the truth at first it’s really human being, it test our sincerity when we guidance our friend to the light of islam… but it shouldn’t ever discourage us to keep telling the truth. Never give up inhsaAllah.

Alhamdulillah it encourage me to learn more how the methodology of Rasulullah salalhu alahi wassalam deal with people….

When I feel so many friends love us.. When I hear they praise and say I am a pleasant friend…I always remember this short term of my life… Somehow it help me a lot to go down to the earth at anytime some friends make me fly with such of praise. Because I remember there is friend who thinks I am not that good. It make me more realize …. Actually Allah the one who install love and appreciation in other’s heart.. it’s for sure Allah who cover my sins and my weakness that make other can see me in beautiful shape and appreciate what I do…. Therefore there is nothing that we can proud about….

Wallahualam bishshowab…

To be continue inshaAllah


Dave Richards 6:36 PM  

You do not need to feel bad about someone who doesn't deserve your friendship.If you have faith in Allah he would definitely get an answer. Dave Richards

ummuafeera 4:17 PM  

sis, whenever u felt sad about others, always remember that there is still peoples who love u for Allah's sake..

when u are sad, always remember the beautiful things that happens to u..

uhibbuki fillah sis..if we don't meet in this world, i pray that Allah will let us meet in the Paradise..Ameen Ya Rabbal A'lamin..

Rytha Nur'aini 3:59 PM  

Assallammu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Dear Afeera.... jazakillahu khairan..

InshaAllah Allah bless us the true frienhship in His sake...

Love you always for the sake of Allah