Thursday, March 29, 2007

~A friend (Part 4)~

We have to ready losing a friend…at anytime.

Some of friends will forget you at time they have find the comfort life, they as if do not think how lonely your life without them.

Some friends will behave like want to move away from your life even if you try your best run to keep close with them, until you feel exhausted, then decide you are really unwanted; have to leave them in peace…

Some friends keep be with you because she feel some advantages from you … they are there when they need you….

Friends that you think so close to you, not always the one who will keep laughing with you in the next some years…

We can’t complain why such a friend can do that, because your live have to go on…..

The best way to overcome those feeling is to choose passing your life in best way too….

Be grateful to Allah subhana wata’ala for every friend that come across in your life…Allah gives you chance to learn a lot from them, about life, about many different human characters. You can understand more what the meaning of true and sincere friendship is.

Rasulullah salalhu alaihi wassalam said “a believer is the mirror of his brother”
[1] That mean if we sees any faults in the other believer, that will draws our attention , to helps our friend to give it up and helps them wipe away any evil that they may have.

There is no more sad experience compare to losing a friendship because you trying to be the mirror, to advice them in da’wah ilallah., when you wish something good for them like the good thing that happened in your life, when you think you should share the best part that you found in your life.

A good change in your life doesn’t always make you get more friendships.…. Not all of your friend will be happy with it… not all of them appreciate it like the way you do…

Remember Rasulullsah salalhu alahi wassalam and his companions radiyallahu anhum had to lose not only their friends but also their dear families when they embraced Islam. They are the best people, but they also experienced the losing of their dear ones. They never regret, for the truth that they found, they stick to it to the last blood….

We will lose our dear friends when we follow their trait too. There are so many people who will against us when we are trying to stick to the true teaching of Islam and persistent to apply His sunnah, they are including your dear friends….

I nearly to lose some friends because of that…or maybe I have lost their friendship…. Wallahualam.

It’s indeed unbearable pain….. Feeling like stranger, so lonely, one by one your friends leaving you. They just can’t fit with you anymore. You like an alien from the outer space… Your sincere advice will be sounded like criticize their ways ……

However why so sad…. I am not losing my faith….Alhamdulillah… a true friend still exist…… Friends who make you glow and say that they love you so much… the love purely for the sake of Allah…

A true friend,….maybe some of them have to depart from your life because they sometimes just don’t have choice…. But each time she has contact with the “world” she keep asking you….still remember you….Even if she never in touch with you…. She always remembers you in every prayer….. Always keep all the memory intact in her mind and wishing one day Allah will gather you again in jannah….. "Allah subhana wata’ala said: `Those who love one another for My glory will have minbars of light, and the Prophets and martyrs will wish that they had the same."

There is still friends who patiently to guide you to make you discover the true teaching of islam….

Alhamdulillah I found some friends who keep stick to me patiently accompany me to find the light, the true teaching of Islam… that the most precious treasure, indeed a great blessing from Allah…..

InshaAllah have trust in Allah., after so long journey in searching of true friendship, Allah will finally bless us some of true friendship, at least we will have better understanding what is a true friendship.

That’s journey maybe long… the journey might be full of bitterness and pain. It somehow depend on how you learn yourself and how your improve yourself. A true mo’min will not keep her falling to the same hole and keep doing the same mistake, we should always learn from the mistakes….

Wallahualam bishshowab.

Batam 17 March 2007

[1]Abu Dawood, Hasan Hadith
[2] Reported by Tirmidhi, 4/24, Bab ma ja'a fi al-hubb fi-Allah; he said, it is a sahih hasan hadith.

Friday, March 23, 2007

~A friend (Part 3)~

Sometimes, a concept of friendship in our childhood times seems simpler; mostly end with happy ending. Our friends surely will love us if we keep sharing them sweetness of candies, they will never abuse us if we show them the way how to do something correctly.

When we grow up…. Even if we knee down and saying wallahi I am doing all of these sincerely for your goodness…. I want you also feel the same sweetness of faith and the beautiful of Islam like I do… I care so much for your goodness……Not all our friends will take it in the same way….Simply because not all of them are happy about that ….

However….We never able to go back to our childhood time, we can’t expect people consider us like an innocent children.

All we can do just learn to be stronger, patience… grow up and more mature.

This is another sad chapter that I got from a friend….

Long time ago a friend writes this to me……


I never wanted to be on your GROUP of brothers and sisters... and despite asking you so many times not to include me in your silly low level of sick TABLEEGHI mindset why the hell are u sticking to me.... can you just forgive my life and stop trying to enter it. I am telling you to stay away as you are constantly disturbing my peace.

Your group of people can enjoy your greetings and best wishes always .. just keep away from me. If you dont understand and kept bugging me then i will definitely come down to your level and make you away by something you wont ever forget

Allah will guide you if you open your eyes and mind. Some people have their eyes and hearts locked up..... You have been told hundreds of times to respect others privacy and life and dont enter without being asked.... Where is your shame then? WHY THE HELL ARE U STICKING AND FOLLOWING ME AND TRYING TO FIND WAYS AND REASONS TO CONTACT BY ONE WAY OR OTHER WHEN YOU KNOW THAT I JUST DONT WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH YOU


are u doing it for YOUR ISLAM?? it must be something that you can call ISLAM not others.... you are trying to gain things in the name of ISLAM in a hope to keep others with you because you cant get them otherwise but you will be answering ALLAH for this dJust keep away from me... do you understand ?? otherwise i know how to take away your peace of mind also.....
I know a bitch like you wont understand easily but i know how to FIX you and your shamelessness

So if you cant control your feelings next time.... then spend it somewhere else but stay away from me....... i dont need to be associated with an internet bitch who has many MALES around her to satisfy her and who wears HIJABS and says ISLAM ISLAM...... and .......

END ….

Only Allah who knows best what I felt after read such rude email……This poem maybe can describe what I feel…

Ya Allah
Why there is a person who can be trying to be that cruel…
Is that meant…. Am I really that cruel?

Which sins that made me has to pay for this….
Is this a calamity because of my sins…?
Perhaps my istighfar not enough to forgive me
Or is this a test for my patience and sincerity…

You the only one who know the journey of this…
You are the witness of the truth of it…..

Did I care him with the wrong way?
I am not complaining to You….
Caring of him taught me the meaning of real patience and sincerity…
Till I forget what the meaning of hate and pain…

If I am oppressed you must answer my pray…
Please be with him always….
Please help him always….
Please take care him always….
Please forgive him always….
Please make him like the one that You love always

I believe he is a better person than what he showed…
I believe he has heart….
I believe he has a lot of goodness…
He just tried hurt himself…..
Please forgive him…..

My dear lord I leave him with you
Make him meets things that he search in his life…….
Never leave him alone….even if how naughty he is
He needs You more than before…

Ameen ya robbal alamin….

" so lost no heart, nor fall into despair. For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in faith" [HQ 3:139]

Lahaula walla quwata illa billah…..

I kept that letter for sometimes, I delete it from my inbox when I didn’t feel the same sad and pain anymore read it again… It’s like kind of therapy for me, a therapy to comprehend what actually I feel, until I can let my heart free and relief.

It’s also an evaluation for a mistake that I did. In this case I also made a mistake. It’s a mistake to involve too close with non mahram man even if our intention is pure.

I learn one precious lesson, even if how sincere we are…. we woman tend to be so personal when dealing with brother. Woman tend to act like a hero who wants to save all live…. She is so much sensitive, her soft and tender heart cant let other alone if she think her friends need guide, always think to be a savior for that person, even if time by time she make herself drawn.

I conclude it’s better in the first place a brother help another brother and a sister try to limit herself to communicate with sister….inshaAllah it will be safer...wallahualam…

In adult world, not all of our friends like if us, we try to be balance, always tell nice things, keep send Islamic messages, etc. It like a torture for their morality sometimes… And for sure you are indeed a bored creature for them… astaghifirullah…

That day I learnt if two completely different friends will be hardly to get along well. It like you both living in the different planet… talk different language, have opposite frame of thought…….

Someone who attach her heart to attend majelis ilmy [assembly to learn Islamic knowledge] impossible to be fit with a friend who cant sit even for few minutes in that gathering. That kind of friend maybe feels better if she sit in café, watch movie in cinema, shopping, saloon etc…

If you love listen and recite Quranic verse….You cant stand well be among of friends who crazy about music…. You heart become dull… Your friend also feel same, she feel you how so old fashion, what a pathetic creature who do not know new hits and famous singer you are….You like a person who have been living in the cave for whole of your life….

A friend who usual being among mixed groups of opposite gender will always enjoy be in party and hanging with her males friends. You can’t stand if should company her/him. If she go with you in a sparete gathering… it will be so strange…..How many of people on this earth prepare for attend separate gathering!

You will be really exactly like a ghuroba [stranger], You will completely just different.. like earth and heaven.. day and night… just exactly like in opposite personality and character….

If keep going together…one will influence other or one will be influenced by other. That’s why we should very careful to choose our friend. In an authentic Hadith, Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wassalam said: “A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend.” [Abu Dawood and at-Tirmithi] “The example of a bad companion is the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows.. he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him.” ( Al-Bukhari and Muslim) .

If we befriend with a virtue person, inshaAllah at least we have obey the sunnah of Rasullullah sallahu alaihi wassalam to choose a good companions. We inshaAllah will follow her habit and her goodness too. But if we follow a bad friend, people mostly think we just the same like our friends…

A real friendship is where you can advice each other in good things and reject in evils….

The last that I learnt, being hurt and sad if can’t help to light your dear friend to the truth at first it’s really human being, it test our sincerity when we guidance our friend to the light of islam… but it shouldn’t ever discourage us to keep telling the truth. Never give up inhsaAllah.

Alhamdulillah it encourage me to learn more how the methodology of Rasulullah salalhu alahi wassalam deal with people….

When I feel so many friends love us.. When I hear they praise and say I am a pleasant friend…I always remember this short term of my life… Somehow it help me a lot to go down to the earth at anytime some friends make me fly with such of praise. Because I remember there is friend who thinks I am not that good. It make me more realize …. Actually Allah the one who install love and appreciation in other’s heart.. it’s for sure Allah who cover my sins and my weakness that make other can see me in beautiful shape and appreciate what I do…. Therefore there is nothing that we can proud about….

Wallahualam bishshowab…

To be continue inshaAllah

Monday, March 19, 2007

~A friend (Part 2)~

When we was kids we think friendship only about sharing our toys, go here and there in group… fighting because of silly reasons etc…But no matter how bad you fight each other you still can get along again after some days as if nothing happened before with no any hatred.

When I grow up I understand there are so many complex matters that can be happened in friendship. Sometimes things just cant be the same anymore…

Once I thought I had found a very wonderful friendship….

It like you has found a friend that so close to your heart…. The one that you laugh a lot with, share a lot of things, someone you pour your heart, you do love her whole heartily …Love her for the sake of Allah.

Anytime you saw her from far distance that already lift you so much, so much excited to meet your dear friend…. Your heart fill of happiness and love, smiles automatically growing on your face even before she notice your present…just because you already feel the joy of going talk to her…you rush to coming toward her impatiently to share more more stories…If possible running to embrace her… You have kept so much in your mind to share her.

That all what I felt about this wonderful friend…..

But then suddenly you get stunned ….something wrong….but you don’t know why… you just feel something changed… she keep something…until one day she sent you an email…. You so excited to read it…. But Her email sound like a thunder that cause a hard storm into your heart……The sky suddenly so dark, as dark as what you feel after finish read the last sentence….

She seem just awake you from long sleep, she make you afraid about the bad side of yourself. You lost your confidence as if you even don’t know who you are. You think she cant make wrong judgment as she has known you for long time, all what she wrote must be the truth...

She said she was hurt, the worse I the one who hurt her…. :(

That what happened. It was so much sad me for some days, I need few days to evaluate myself....

I feel like the worse friend on earth….How could I smiled, too overwhelmed by loves but so blind to realize if I already hurt a friend that so close to me….

I asked for forgiveness…..

I couldn’t bear to be close with her without feeling sad, hardly to forgive myself, always haunt with my own thought I had hurt her.

That day I learnt…

We often take granted the one who close with us will fully understand us… This make us tend become careless to give best attitude to our close ones… We sometimes often become so blind about what your close people feel.. be insensitive to what happening with them…….

Another great lesson I learnt….

It’s indeed unbearable painfully when people misunderstanding you…. We have to open ourselves to help other understand us to prevent them misunderstanding us….

Remember Rasulullah salallahu alahi wassalam, Narrated from Anas Radiyallhu anhu said,
"Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is an oppressed one. People asked, "O Allah's Apostle! It is all right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an oppressor?" The Prophet said, "By preventing him from oppressing others." [HR Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 624]

Don’t open the opportunity for our close friend to hurt us…. We have to help her to understand if we don’t like her way… if we don’t like her attitude… if we find something wrong…. Don’t keep it… don’t burry it inside your heart but revenge… We should concern to not make her be oppressor who hurt you all time… However it for our goodness too… It better to communicate from heart to heart honestly rather than just keep it but being exploded at the end…. It could be so much shock… could destroy anything…

There are things that been broken …will be very difficult to mend

Deep down inside I promise to keep learning how to understanding other better…especially my dear close ones….It so hurtful being misunderstood…I don’t want they feel that hurt if I misunderstand them…

It’s so much hurtful… It will be much more hurtful when you fail to understanding someone that so much close to you …..

At least we should try our best…

Lahaula walla quwata illa billah…

Alhamdulillah we are still friends…. But it feel just not same anymore… ….

To be continue InshaAllah

Sunday, March 18, 2007

~A friend (Part 1)~

They are many friends that we made in our life… just few who remain forever..

They have to move on with their life, times make they have to change doesn’t matter your life are just seem the same.

I still remember some friends in my childhood time when I was about 3 to 7 years old that was the most beautiful moments because I felt I had many friends. The closest ones are one girl and two 2 boys who living close to my home.….One of the boy is from non Moslem family.

We separated when our daddy had to move to different city…

I remember I tried to trace where they are, I often asked my parents where they are. My parents sometimes meet their parents in some company's events, I wish if by chance we were passing their places we could come by…

I was very happy that girl moved close to my elementary school.. Each time I passing her house I watching her house carefully wishing if I could see her somewhere smiling to me , asked me to stop and invited me to her house to “play” and share many stories like old time…… I wish my mom would have any kind of mother clubs visiting there where they allowed to bring kids… so I could meet my friends….But usually parents events didn’t include children :(

I wrote her letters through her younger brother who was studying in the same school…I was so much happy she replied me [maybe not less than got the love letter :)]. I felt like It was a very briliant idea to start writing her letter and she answered it.

We exchanged letter for sometimes, She is older than me…..I admire all things about her, I even amaze with the way she made the envelope, it looked so cute, I tried to make my own too when replied her letter [but it not as nice as her ]. I read her letters so many times…. , I admire her pretty hand writings…. She sometimes wrote some words in English!, it sound very cool ….. I asked her… Did she need open dictionary if she want to write sentence in English? :) She seems so perfect to me as she always good in the study….

After sometimes the correspondence just stopped :(….Not me who stopped it…. I remember she didn’t reply my letter when I started comment her about her boyfriend when she said she has one … What I was a very tinny kid what I know about having boyfriend ! I also do not have idea where that thought comes from to advice her to not have boyfriend….

I learnt.... an adult doesnt like a kid lecture them sometimes.... Be kid should be polite if you want to say your opinions.....

I met one of those boys when I was in high school …His school just next to mine…Once I followed my parents visit his house…… He seems doesn’t recognize me... I remember him because one scratch on my leg that I got when ride his bikes…..

I wondered why he didnt choose to study in the same high school. His uncle said.... even if both that school next each other... and my school is best one.. he doesnt like to be there... He said that school seem bored.. so many serious people..and too many hijabi girl there .. :(

That day... I learnt....... I think we grew in different direction ...... wallahualam...

I met the last boy when went to university…. It was my mom who told me if one of my old friends also joined the same university….Surprised he is smart too :)...

I asked my classmate regarding him to confirm that news…. But my friend told me… : “Rytha, but he is non Moslem”
“ So what ? I just asking about him…. I am not going to marry him”….

If woman ask about man that not all want to marry him… I just getting excited…I found an old friend.

My mom said that his mom told him too if I also study in the same university like him……. But he said his mom : “ Who is Rytha? “

He doesn’t remember me at all…

His mom screams at him, she couldn’t believe her son forget me…She told him all our childhood time, trying to recall him all our childhood memory… She lecture him how we grow up together…, always go anywhere together... She said is that little girl who help you escape for home when I was locking you in room because I was giving you punishment for be so much naughty…. etc etc…

Still he doesn’t remember at all…

But I still remember clearly… how silly kids all of us…. I tried to follow those boys’ activities…..climbing the tree, crossing the big ditch …swim in the dirty pool….jumping, running, salto in the yard... We had imagination hero….. riding bike around the complex…. Fighting … Share stupid ghost story….. etc....

Astaghfirullah… silly… but we were kids…..

I totally lost contact with all of them now…

I learn…
They are friends when I was very young, but it still clearly upset to know they do not remember you, feel like they do not keep your childhood memory as precious as you think about them.... …
It somehow bitter to feel things have to change and you find you not in the same way with them....

We were kids…. All what happened in kids’ time were just innocent…. So… it doesn’t matter if they do not remember their childhood friends…. It consider innocent too… wallahualam…..

However their mother at least still remember who are you

To be continue…inshaAllah.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

~K H A D I J A H~

Ummul Mu’minin Khadijah…
The Mother of the Believers
You are the best woman in the earth [1]
You married the noblest man in the world and jannah
You born the leader of women of Paradise Fathimah [2]
You are grandmother of outstanding man in Jannah Hasan and husayn

Allah the Most High and Jibril conveyed His blessing upon you
Give you a glad tiding as the owner a mansion in paradise
Made of brilliant pearls
Which there will be no clamor or toil [3]

You are At thahirah [the pure] with nobility chastity
A determined and intelligent woman
Born from the respectable family
Belong to the noblest one
A wealthy and generous woman

The grieve because left by your dear husband
The grieve of the failed of your second married [4]
But your patience fruit the happiness
You were prepared for a purest man on earth…

You hear about al-Ameen (the trustworthy one)
He is al-Saadiq (the honest one)
You hear his noble character…
Impressed with the personality
His honest and trustworthy
You do willing to be his soul partner…

You nervous wondering
If that young man will see you
You felt so old….

Oh khadijah…
Al Ameen was so poor
You are so respectable woman…
You are intelligent beautiful
You are wealthy
Many respectable men were keen to marry you.
You seem unreachable…

Allah knows the intention of your heart
He destined you what you deserve
Married you with him
The best man who respect your nobility and chastity….

On that blessed day
You show your generosity …
You invited all the poor…
You honor an old woman Halimah as-Sa'diyah
Back to her village with 40 of sheep
As the gift for woman who have care your beloved husband

A wonderfully blessed marriage
Lived together in a profound harmony
The ideal of intimacy, friendship,
mutual respect, support and consolation
The faithful and loyalty

You give everything you have
Your husband love one of your slave – Zaid bin Haritsah
You give him as gift
He love that slave like his own son….

He appreciate everything that you give
Your love and kindness always return back…
With more more love and honor

Your love and mercy growing
Increasing in quality and depth as the years passed by

You add his happiness with the most beautiful gift
al-Qasim, Abdullah, Zainab, Ruqqayah, Ummi Kalsum and Fatimah.

When ..You find your dear husband like to khalwat
You never prevent him to away from you..
You keep follow him with your love and heart
You ask people to care him around
Prepare him the food

That day when he came home shivering with fear
You covered and calmed him with the tenderness of love..
You behave wisely
Show your maturity…
You care and warn your dear first
Never annoy him with questions first
Until he told you himself…

You so trust and confident of him..
You cheer him that Allah will never disgrace him

You believe in him
You said
He is a noble man who always uphold the tie of kinship
Speak always truthfully,
Help always the poor and destitute.
Serve always the guests generously
And assist always those who stricken by calamity [5]
Your wise tender words greatly comfort him

Never ever doubt him,
Always sure he is the best..
Nor show the slightest hesitation towards him
Always be his greatest source of comfort,
The first one provide security for him

You search help to clear what happened with you husband
Affirm your feelings of his high dignities
A messenger of Allah is your husband….

You be the first to believe in Allah and His Messenger
You the first to believe in what his Lord sent him
You strengthened him in all his affairs.

You spent all what you have for his da’wah….
Until that day he saw you crying
But not due the poverty
The sadness no has anything left anymore to spend in His way…

Remember that day when all Quraish boycott the prophet
You company him to your end
You were the richest who owed several kinds of trade.
That time you were shivering in hungry
Your beauty fades due of poverty
You feel the hard..
You felt sick lying on your bed….
You keep put smiles on your face
to welcoming your husband
You never complain
nor show your sorrow..…
To strengthen his ways always

He never forget all what you did….

Your dear husband loves never fade
Death couldn’t take his love away….
You always have a special place in his heart
Your gesture and voice… recorded strongly in his mind

He always constantly mentions your name…
Didn't get tired of praising you
Mentioned you virtues and merits extensively on many occasions
It seem he never depart his house before praised you

Whenever he sacrificed a sheep
He would send it to those who had been your intimate friends.
He love you dearly
as if there had never been any other woman in the world like you [6]

Anything hurt you.. That would hurt him too..
He couldn’t bear to hear bad thing in your regard
Even that came from his beloved wife Aishah…

He said….
You are a wife who believed in him when other rejected him
You accepted Islam when people rejected
You helped and comforted him
When there was no one else to lend him a helping hand
You affirmed his truthfulness when everyone else accused he lying
You supported him with you money when everyone else deprived him.
Allah provided him with children through you
When no other woman has given me children. [7]

How could someone forget you
You are a loveable woman
You are an adorable woman…
And perfect affectionate mother..
A virtuous wife
You always beside your husband to listen his sorrow
You are a wise behalf
You are the best friend and counselor…

Allah loves you more
Your soul is His belong…
to Him you return
Your dear husband buried your body with his own hand
That day…that year be a great grieve time in his live….

And he call your for the palace that He promises
Give you a glad tiding as the owner a mansion in paradise
Made of brilliant pearls
Which there will be no clamor or toil


May Allah help all us to be like Khadijah…
A blessed woman whom Allah and her husband please with her
May Allah bless all muslimah with a husband who love and respect his wife like Rasulullah salallahu alahi wassalam love and respect Khadijah…


Batam 19 February 2007
[1] Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "The best of the world's women is Mary (in her lifetime) and the best of the world's women is Khadijah (in her lifetime). [Bukhari] Abu Musa Al ashari also narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Many among men attained perfection, but among women none attained perfection except mary the daughter of Imran, and Asiya the wife of Pharoah, and the superiority of Aisha to other women is like the superiority of Tharid (an Arabic dish) to other meals"
[2] (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, al-Manaaqib, 3353) “The best f the women of Paradise are: Khadeejah, Faatimah, Maryam [Mary] and ‘Aasiyah.” (Ahmad and An-Nasaa’ee)
[3] Reported by Abu Hurayrah & collected by al-Bukhaaree (vol.5 pp.104-5 no.168) & Muslim (vol.4 p.1297 no.5967))
[4] Khadijah first husband is Abu Halah bin Zurarah at-Tamimi, he die, they had 2 children Halah dan Hindun. Then she married Atiq bin 'A'id bin Abdullah al-Makhzumi after some times they divorced.
[5] (Reported by 'Aa'ishah & collected by Muslim (eng. Trans vol.1 pp.96-8 no.301).
[6] HR Bukhaaree (eng. Trans. Vol.5 p.104 no.166) & Muslim (eng. Trans. Vol.4 p.1297 no.5972)[7] (HR. Ahmad, Al-Isti’ab karya Ibnu Abdil Ba’ar)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

~Be lenient toward glass vessels…~

Advice for husbands… and single brothers who going to marry ….

Be lenient toward the glass vessels…
Treat her softly with tenderness..
Else she easy to get scratch,
Then develop to be a crack…
A small shock it will be broken to pieces…
She was created from your ribs…
Her bend need your soft hands to make her straight without break….

Treat her kindly……
Speak to her nicely…
She tend to be very sensitive
Want to be loved completely …
Want you understand her soul clearly
She wants to be like the hoor of jannah
Her life so easy to turn dark when you upset..
She can’t close her eyes before see you please…
When you have a headache,
Impossible for her to sleep
Until after you fell asleep
Willing to sacrifice everything for you comfort

Her happiness vanishes when you disappear….
She cries out in desperation when you silent.
Shivers in fear that she might trouble you
Hoping your smiles like waiting for the sun after the could…
For love means like to share…
The trust to talk and solve thing together…

She tend to be possessive
She loves you all out in totality…
She feels gives too much but no return
Feeling loving you sometimes like keep water in her hands…
As far as she opens her hands it will remain there
But when she close her hand to posses it..
It will split out just with the first crack..

Please treasure what she given
Never lost its preciousness…

Sometimes she feels like in the barren land…
Love with no return….
In the confusion with aching heart
Feeling like building a castle from fragile sandS…
She has much to say but there is not way…
Unable to understand you

She cries for the soul to feel as she feels,
To love her as she loves you,

It is destiny who brings your together eternally.
She is the gift from Allah in your life
As a Marriage is a compromise
You choose her among other woman
Even the first that your might the best one you see
You have to learn to live a happy life with it
Try your best for its success

Look through her eyes…
For you see her love so deep
Her feeling like the ocean of flow
Keep growing with no end…

She wishes you be a romantic bird
Sings her lovely songs

She needs your true sympathy when she in trouble.
She needs to feel being care…
She needs your love…
There no source that she expects but from her dear husband…

Talk to her
Even that small things..
Makes her feeling trusted and needed…
Show interest to whatever she does..
Give attention to what she say….
Don’t let her cries out in desperation hoping you will hear

She needs you express your love…
She is your helpmates,
The mother of your children..
The one who comfort your home..
The companion who fulfills your love desires…
Your other half
The queen of your heart….

Let her see your love,
Show your great need of her.

It difficult to express…
As man hard to be gentle
But it what she is seeking …
Put aside your ego and pride...
Don’t make her lose in hope…
Her happiness will make her doing her duties in content…

Love is the most beautiful thing to happen
Never bored to say
You love her everyday …
Don’t let the time fade it…
Don’t wait to realize its worth when it’s gone

Drop her a romantic messages
Even in your busy times..
Make her glow you remember her
Make her feel she the first and important…

Build a house full light and happiness…
With love and harmony….

No matter what happen,
Keep her as your dear …
A half that always bring the light
The blossom of your soul
Give you the wings that help you to fly

She always wants to be shinning star
Keep her glistening so bright..

Batam 6 March 2007

"Allah says: “He created for you mates from among yourselves so that you can seek comfort in them and He has placed between you affection and mercy.” [Sûrah al-Rûm: 21]

Thursday, March 01, 2007

~Allah please bring back the lights~

Allah ..
Please bring back the light on my face
The light has dimmed by the ugliness of my sins…

Allah ..
Please bring back the light in my heart,
This heart dark covered by the spot of sins…

Allah ..
Please bring back the light on my sight
This eyes has been blinded saw forbidden things

Allah ..
Please bring back the light on my hearing
These ears had listened so many forbidden things…

Allah ..
Please bring back the light on my hand
For this hand stop doing good things

Allah ..
Please light me above.. light me bellow
Please light in front me ..behind me
For all became dark due the darkness of my sins…

Allah ..
Please forgive for the sins I did…
Please forgive for the heart of disobedient

Please light my heart…
It been torn into pieces…
For you the best healer
For remember you the mean of peace…

Allah ..
Forgive me for heart that broken
For the evil of my tongue

I did terrible things
But please don’t let the evil win over me
He is whispering I might never be the same Muslim again.

Allah ..
Please enhance the light for me…
Never ever let me despair from your Mercy…..

Batam 19 February 2007
"Do not look at how small your sin is,
consider the greatness of whom you sinned against"