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~If You Grateful You are Beautifull ~

Asian people want to make their skin whiter and the otherwise the western always jealous with the color of Asian people…. They said it’s so exotic. I guess that's human nature, they always dream something that they don’t have. They like something different than what common. For Asian, it's very common to find one with dark skin, they consider "dark" related to "lack" of treatment, poor, labor, etc, etc….:)

Alhamdulillah Islam teach us to care about inside…[it doesn’t mean outside is not important, we should look beautiful too].

There should be a time we stop dreaming and just be grateful what we have… when we want a pretty shoes or dreaming particular shoes like what other have, … it's better we see other who do not have or do not wear shoes…We will feel grateful for what we have.
Perhaps our skin are dark… but it's better than albino, if our eyes are not really nice but it's better than blind… these legs are not so sexy but better than one who do not have legs… We are very rich…always rich when know how to grateful ….

I remember to one sister that I met almost 10 year ago, here in my city - when I was in high school. I remember at the first time I saw her; she was walking confidently although she needs crutch to help her. I think she was attacked by poliovirus when she was child. She is not tall, not slim and not really pretty, but can bring a peace to anyone who sees her. At that time she was invited to give a speech in our gathering. That was long times ago……

Then about few years back, I read about her. She was invited in one big gathering. She told the audience her life stories that made all the audience couldn’t help tearing. She said since her teenager time -- when she started realize about her legs, she only has one obsession in her life, that is to make anyone who see her saying tasbih (subhanallah), to make anyone who see her remember the greatness of Allah SWT, to make anyone who see her become closer to Allah SWT.

She tried to use her disabilities to bring people to remember Allah. She doesn’t make her disability to make people pity her. Nowadays She is known as one of outstanding da’iyyah in my city.

She said anytime people meet her they must see her legs, they said "subhanallah", when she could go to high school and completed it with good grade, people said "subhanallah" and then she continued her study to university, when people see a disable girl could go to university, people said "subhanallah", and then they saw she could complete it they said "subhanallah". And then when a normal handsome, educated man proposed her for married, people got astonish and once again they said "subhanallah"… Allahu akbar!

People thought what a defect girl could give for her husband, they were in doubt she could have baby, how could she afforded had child if she seem even didnt able to care herself. But Allah blessed her with babies. I saw her picture and her family in magazine few years ago and she already had 3 wonderful kids; all health and cute. Once again people only can say "subhanallah"….. She indeed makes people praise Allah SWT….

This makes me remember some of other great people in Islam.

Subhanallah, blindness was not being obstacle for Syeikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz to reach her fate to be one of the prominent scholars in this century. The deaf also couldn’t stop Musthafa Shadiq Al-Rafi’i as the great Moslem literature in this century. We still remember clearly how Syeikh Ahmad Yasin gained his syahid. He was paralyze and spent whole his life in wheel chair, but he able to lead HAMMAS and being spirit of the struggle in Palestine until today. If we see his figure we couldn’t believe Israel afraid to him.

In the time Rasulullah, we know a blind companion Abdullah bin Ummi Maktum offered himself to hold the flag in a war. He said with his blindness he couldn’t see anyone then no one could make him afraid… he bravely came to the battle and gained his syahid. They found him but couldn’t recognize anymore because so many wounds.. Subhanallah….

Otherwise there are so many “normal”, “gift” people who even do not know how to grateful what they have; grateful in the sense to use all the bounties that Allah SWT has gifted to be used in the way that Allah has ordered. There are so many who expose their beauty cheaply.

People absolutely will die one day, but there are many who choose die with shameful way. Nowadays it’s not strange anymore to find young girls or boys die because of over doses, suicide, fighting among the gangsters, etc. There are many our young generations who lost their identity, being a blind follower or just be a Moslem because born in devotes conventional traditional family.

We have to grateful for whatever our condition. Allah always has his wisdom in his creation. If we are not beautiful, this is become a natural selection to get rid them who value the beauty are important. If we were health and beautiful maybe we would tempt to be a super model. When we were bit taller and prettier people would say, you would be good be a model.

Remember the tragic story of Christina Onassis, she was rich, she was beautiful, there were many men adored her, she moved from one man to another man, married four times and divorced all each less than 2 years but she never felt happy in her life, and many people believe she ended her life miserable without able to taste the true love. Every man who closed to her just adored her wealth, her beauty and she totally felt empty inside. Sometimes when you are gifted with such attractiveness, hardly to find people who really sincere would see you inside without delude with outside appearance.
For my dear fellow sisters [and brothers] who feel not beautiful / handsome, you still have chance to be one of the miracles in this world. You have been accepting hard trials whole your life, and still have to face them for the rest of your life, only people who have courage and big heart that can persevere. You have many qualities that can’t buy.

You are not “an ordinary” person, and someone who could hand your hand must be not an ordinary one too [extra ordinary one], someone with great sincerity that could see the beauty of your souls, a sincerity that across the sky that make Allah SWT proud of him to the angle in heaven.

It’s nice to be humble but please don’t belittle yourself and don’t belittle a one who able to accept you whatever you are. Perhaps he one of that extraordinary one who wants to use you as his/her “short way” to gain jannah…

Wallahualam bishshowab

PS : Some of the stories were special compose for one of my beloved sisters who indeed an extraordinary beautiful.... I hope she not mind I share it to other, insyaAllah….
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Anonymous 1:11 AM  

It are not or not anylonger only brothers who engage towards marriage to back off at the last moment. This also happens to converted brothers who come to learn about Islam, fall in love and then are left alone.
They might wait for years for the girl to call them again, not able to belief a Muslim woman will break her word.

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