Friday, April 14, 2006

~My Dear Nervous Sister ~

My Dear sister who overwhelming with sweetness of faith.
My dear sister whose heart captivate with the light of ma'rifah
My Dear sister who are reaching the peak spirit of learning
My Dear sister who thirsting of knowledge the deen
My Dear sister who occupied with the passion of worship…

My dear nervous sister ….
Scared of accepting the wrong person who would extinct the enthusiasm flame
Scared of accepting the fake person who would destroy your ultimate dreaming
Scared of accepting the one who trapped your heart with another love
Scared to the one who could lead you astray…
Scared to lost the blessing of Allah …
Scared to lost he light of guidance that can't be replaced by the whole of world
Scared to lost the sweetness of faith that can't be replaced with all the treasure

My dear sister
Allah will answer your prayers….
Allah knows best your sincerity …
Allah listen the crying of your heart..
Allah will always protect you….
He the Only one you lays your trust

Your dreams of
The one who devote practicing mu'min
The one whose heart fixed upon remembrance of his Lord
The one whose tongue always moaning the beautiful name of Allah
The one whose eyes wakeful in the silent night tearing humbly closely to his Lord..

The one who love Qur'an
The one who instill the light of Qur'an in every aspect of his life
The one who love his deen more than anything
The one who proudly say Islam the only way that dominate his heart, mind and his attitude….
The one who dream to die in that way fisabilillah…

The one who love the sunnah……
Must have beard [it must…that you said :)]
Must love to pray in mosque…
The one who not occupy with the idle activities…

The one who respect your veil…
The one who will protect you from evil…

The one who will accept you completely
The one who can see the deepest of your heart
The one who value what lies inside more than your facial beauty

The one who respect you as a partner of life
The one who trust you more than anyone
The honest one who will company the journey sailing in the ocean of life

The one who patience with your horribleness…
The one who will give chance of self improve than blame of every details of your weakness..
The one who can keep smiling when advice you with the eye of affection and tenderness
The one who speak wisely words full of wisdom as support and encouragement

The one who will lead you to the beauty of deen
The one who will be the teacher of your life…
The one who put you in the second of place in his heart after His Lord…

You're yearning to be a queen of one's heart….
The one who will put you always beside him….never leave you behind

The one who lead you to the best destination of jannah
The one who will race with you to win the eternal love of the owner of the love
The one who will spark the water to wake up you for qiyamul lail
The one who will sit with every Monday and thurday for shaum sunnah…
The one who will make your house full of blessing with his quranic recitation..

Simple humble…reliable… responsible and mature… who be whatever he is…

My dear sis,
You found the behalf that will make you complete… inshaAllah
Your dream inshaAllah finally will come true… in very soon….
Lahaula walla quwata illabillah

He will in the first line to defense your honor
He will speak for the world…to protect you
He will help you from all the cultural ritualism
He will safe you from all those "stupid" ceremonies
He will there…as a real Moslem manWho love his deen more than his culture…

He is a strong man
To stop people drawing your face with those colorful make up
To stop replace your modest hijab with the most recent hair style
He will be there …
To stop people force you wearing the tight fitting fancy dress…
He will be there …
To stop them put the sparking jewelry

He will be there to make all people understand
He will be there…..beside you
Like an angle that Allah sends from the sky
To support you …to make you strong…
Release you from the guilty feeling of reveling of your beauty
Release you from the sin of abusing the sunnah
He will be there …. make sure nobody force you to do thing abusing the deen that you love dearly

He will be there….
He will tell all loudly …proudly
You are his wife
You will not let you go to the stage…like a cutie Barbie
His ghirah, his love will make you a precious pearl
As a Shield of your beauty from the stranger' eyes..

He will feel what you feel…
You free from the duty of smiling to the strangers
You no need to sake their hands
You will not feeling like a real hypocrite reveal what you want to conceal

He will be there understand every beat of you heart
Every dream in your mind
To life in the shade quran wa sunnah…

My Dear sister who yearning the mercy of Allah subhana wata'ala
My Dear sister who yearning blessing of Allah subhana wata'ala
One has been decreed for you…
You will accept what you deserve…

Subhanallah Allamdulillah… la Ialha illah Allahu akbar…Barakallah wabaraka alaika wa jamaa baynakaum fi khair …

PS :My dear sisters you are marrying a human
He is not an angle…
Nobody perfect….
You MUST find his flaws….
It all about the journey to be tolerant…
To give more than demand…

Bandung, 15th May 2005
Dedicate to some great sisters who have shared