Friday, February 17, 2006

~Simple people, Simple life, Great meanings~

“Fatimah” work in 5 different places a day [everyday] to wash the clothes and iron them.. She goes every morning and back in the late afternoon. She is exhausted, as a widow who has 5 children she almost doesn’t have times for herself.... She has to work hard. She struggles… she not only just sit at home waiting perhaps a prince charming come to propose her and move all the burdens…[things that rarely happened].

She is poor but she has self esteem to not ask from other for live..For “Fatimah” the best food is the foods which earned by her own hands. As Muslimah she believe what Rasullah salalhu alaihi wassalam said if the believer’s pride is his being independent of people

She is poor but she lives with dignity. She sacrifice her youth, spend whole her energy to work for her children… that’s all based on love and sincerity. She loves her children; she loves life with honor and dignity. Her sincerity and her patience make things light. She cant fine happier than see her children have proper educations by her own effort…She never regret for her life, she never consider it as sacrificing.. but it’s love….., nor she ever complain where those nice brothers.. nor she ever care if some brothers only interest to take young fresh second wife.. than a widow like her.. She just never complain!!

“Ibrahim” has been working in a company for more than 20 years. He doesn’t hold any position. He has been doing same thing all those 20 years.. He is just a cleaning service. He cleans the office before the employees come and clean it again after they go off from office. He prepares tea for all the employees, he prepares the lunch, he washes the dishes, he has to go up and down, run here and there to serve so many requests. Some ask him to bring plate down stair, another one call him to serve some tea for the guests, some ask him to go out to buy some foods, some ask to make copy some papers, etc …. I never see he refused or said something….he did all of them with silent…never grudge or show bad feeling… the amaze things.. Some employees sometimes got surprised find her cars were cleaned…. Ibrahim often wash their cars in his initiatives…. for free…

Subhanallah… it not about position or money .. but it's about a pleasure to devote and to serve other, to give the best according to his capability… No matter how small that job but he tries his best to do that portion….. His present perhaps is considered not significant… but he wants to do things that he can do.. He finds the happiness in grateful.. whenever someone fill content by what Allah grant him Allah will increase the bounties…. By the blessing and the mercy of Allah he can feed his wife and children…

“Salma” was graduated from very outstanding university…. She devote herself to teach poor children.. some people look down to her… how could smart girl from outstanding university do such low work… she doesn’t earn money at all.. because she almost does not get money from that work…

But if we do ask to the children that she has been teaching.. They must say she is an angle that Allah sends for them.

Salma work just like tiny insects that keep working silently… no matter the work will be recognized or not.. but she does make something very amazing…. However the goodness of a deed is related to the goodness of the heart. And the goodness of the heart is related to the goodness of the intention…. Her intention, her heart has all the quality of goodness… all her dream is the best reward from Allah..and the happiness to help poor children….to educate them.. to help them… then they will not spend their life in illiterate and poverty.

Mr Amir……he is very very very old man…. His body is bend.. He walks around the complex pushing his box to sell “es lilin” [kind of ice]….it’s very cheap ice compare to any kind of ice that sold in super market or restaurant…. But there is something special with his ice… because he sells that ice with his eyes sparking as the reflection of how proud and happy he is when some children always waiting him passing…he smiled shyly when they said they missed him and wondered why he didn’t pass for weeks….. He must feel honor to know his present mean something and make those little children happy…

He is very old.. I believe the money that he collect is not enough….. but he old man who want to live with dignity.. who want to keep working and doing something even if it seem small.. He choose to do something rather than sit idle at home rather than wait his sons give food for him, he does thing that he can do with his old body…. …

Fatimah, Ibrahim, Salma, Mr Amir, they are people who find the real happiness… they are simple people…. but they are happy more than any conglomerate… They do feel if the source of happiness in this world is not all about money … They have their own ways to give meaning into their life; that is to devote their life to loving others, to the community and to devote themselves to make and give something that make their life have purpose and meaning..

They are people who always move and do something.. They do not see about how big or small it is.. but they only do all things that they can do, they give the meaning for whatever they do. They do not complains about the condition instead of try to make something with all the effort that they have… with patience, content and grateful ...Allah subhana wata’ala says : "…..If ye are grateful, I will add more (favors) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed." [HQ: 14:7]

Rasullullasallahu alaihi wassalam said.. the best one among you is them who can give much benefit for others… If only there was a the king knew how the peace, the calm of people who find happiness in grateful, the great experiences when can bring change into others life….. The king must be very envy….

Have you ever envy with those simple people who can enjoy their life… Have you ever felt how busy we have occupied with things.. we do this and do that…we go here and go there… mostly with uncertain direction…. Busy but meaningless…. There are so many people who walk around with meaningless life, they seem half asleep, even when they are busy doing things that they think are important. This because they chasing the wrong things.
Wallahu alam bishshowab

Bandung 19 Sept 2005

[1] [HR Hakim]


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as salaam u alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I read the ~Simple people, Simple life, Great meanings~ and its really inspiring.

The name of the blog "Thoughts"
is kinda forcing me to add the link somewhere insha ALLAH.

masha ALLAH
keep it up sis!

Wa salaam

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salaam my brothers and sisters,
the article that i just read is a very moving piece of work it is not every day that you rad about such things as that. i pray for those people that i have just read about. if there is any way thati can help let me know
fi amen ellah