Thursday, February 02, 2006

~A Man in Memory~

I wondered why so many people love him and praise him. I only knew his name. The first time I saw him, he was a guest for a Moslem gathering in our town. He is not very tall, with almost completely white hair….But when he started speaking I understood why people love him. There are all sign of piousness on his face. He talked directly straightly buzz the laziness of heart… burned the spirit of iman ….

The second time I met him. I was wondering how many books he read in a day. He seemed like a walking syirah, spoke so eloquently, it seemed he move from one big book to other one and another one inside his mind……. He gave us the tour from Indonesia, to Egypt, from Egypt to America, from America to Europe, from Europe to the Middle East. He seemed like a news reader… He is very very busy old man, how he could have time to keep up to date with such knowledge……. He said we should less our sleep and do more readings and works… 1/3 of night is for sleep, 1/3 of is for study and for and 1/3 for ibadah….

He said the youth is gifted with so many "fire", too much spirit, which should be leaded to the right way. They tend to fall to useless arguments and go to extreme without proper understanding; the explosion of spirit that not followed up with the proper knowledge, go challenge everyone even the fatwa of the outstanding scholars…

He said the youth should learn with the correct way…. Not the "short" way… but step by step….for the sake find the truth not for the sake find the justification of lust…. Not for the sake to argue, debates and look up to date… but for the sake to enrich the soul….for sure for the sake of Allah.

He said the knowledge will make the youth have broad minded and the broad heart. Their knowledge will give be wisdoms and will enlighten the soul.. Their present will bring peace to the heart. Their speech and their attitude will come from the purest of heart with the truth of faith, like a love arrows which touch directly to the heart. Anyone who sits with them will feel the increasing of iman…

He said the spirit of learning should be balance with the spirit to practice,…The optimal prayer, the optimal fasting, charities, tilawah, the dzikir will help to refresh the soul… Then…. We will not find the youth who dying learning and be master of all the theories of the deen…..BUT…. collapse because of "the hard depression"…… or failed and turn be "futur" ….. because of mayor or minor problems… The practice and steadfast is like a charger for the soul.. to give immune for the body and soul… Therefore a young Moslem is a strong personality not the one who looks strong outside but fragile inside… youth Moslem not the youth with the emptiness of soul…..

He said be a pleasant person… someone who fundamental, firm in belief and serious one but also a dearly pleasant person … a Moslem should be like a tree which gives many fruits. When people hit the tree, instead of angry the tree will shower anyone who hit him the sweet fruits…

The third time I met him, he is getting older. But his steps firmly just like the young. He came up to the stage. But why the hosts didn't prepare a chair for him, could he stand for long??... Amazingly he could stand for more than a hour ......there is always the spirit inside him… no decreasing to the end….

He said… there was a man…. People wondered who is he…. if he is a ahlul ibadah.. or if he is an athlete or if he is a politician, or if he is a scientist… But the answer is….. he is a Moslem…
He wanted to say…. that is what youth Moslem should be… he should strong physically, mentally, intellectually… They should grab the world in his hands but the hereafter dominate in his heart and mind…They should work the best for the world and hereafter.

I didn't know if that was the last time I met him. I couldn't believe when I heard he has passed away. He indeed a real rich man… he doesn't have a big house…. No fancy cars.. no luxury furniture… but he is very rich… He rich because Allah will give him continuous reward for his knowledge that he has shared …..He has born so many da'i and da'iyah…he has many students who will continue the da'wah ….. His funereal attended by thousand people.. all people love him…. all people losing him .. all people pray for him…. Subhanallah the great ending for a human… Allah loves him more.. innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun… "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return"

Bandung 13 August 2005

Note: They are not exactly what he said…May Allah forgives me


Anam Mansha 6:19 PM  

Mashallah very good person .
quote "He said… there was a man…. People wondered who is he…. if he is a ahlul ibadah.. or if he is an athlete or if he is a politician, or if he is a scientist… But the answer is….. he is a Moslem…"
May Allah SWT make all of us like that.