Thursday, February 16, 2006

~ The comfort of Sister Shaz's eyes~

I Dedicated this poem to my beloved sister "Shaz" and her family for her first son who born it was almost one year ago… I watched through his handsome cute pictures while composing this poem….
And now mashaAllah Sis Shaz is waiting for her second baby [it's her final month].. Please pray for her safety delivery…

"……Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous."

~ The comfort of Sister Shaz's eyes~

My dear son…...
You are the most beautiful gift that ever came in my life.
You are like cloudy shadow on a hot summer afternoon…..
Drop of water in barren desert…

My dear son….
The light of my eyes…
the comfort of my eyes…
Your small head
Your small fingers…
Your small legs…
You smooth skins
You silk hair…
Touch anyone softly…
Melt the heart of cruelness…

Your innocence face
That eyes…
So peace….
Sparking of honesty
Crossing into the heart…
Slap of the hypocrisy

You small lips….. Smiling sweetly
Your giggle… like sweet symphony
Beautifully refresh the death of heart
Polish the dirt of heart….

My dear son…
You are so pure,
May this corrupt world will not deceive you …

You will face so many challenges…
The world where so many wolves appear like sweet sheep
The devils use the mask of the fake piousness…
The world of money oriented… power oriented…desire oriented

Temptation in everywhere …fill ever corner of people's heart

My dear son…
I dream you to be the rarest breed of man
A seed for the glory of Islam…
A shining pearl among the mud…
who will speak loudly with your beautiful character…

Man who speak straight from the heart
Eloquence speech with the soul....the spirit
Man with dignity like Prophet Yusuf Alaihiwassalam
Jail is better than wicked beautiful woman.

My Dear son…
Grow to be a real man
Follow your qudwah…Rasulullah saallahu alaihi wassalam
Follow his sunnah.. his teaching…
his beautiful characters…
The purest man
The kindest man
The most truthful and honest man
A very pleasant light-hearted man
A perfect model of modesty and humbleness
Never spoke loudly or in an unseemly manner
A loving family man with delightful humor
Always passed by the people quietly with a smile
Kept promises, never broke his word even with his enemies
The closest and The most beloved of Allah subhana wata'ala

My Dear son…
Follow the trait of his followers

Be like Umar ra.
The most consistent man…
The most honest man…
Always talk straight from the heart
Always defense the truth
Respected by his enemy
Loved by his close people..

Face turned become black due of hunger
To show the empathy to his people
A leader who not sleep before ensure the comfort of his people
Down earth man
who chased himself the run away camel

My Dear son
Be firm
Don't be happy to be "rude"
Nor proud to be "rude"….
Like umar ......his "rudeness"
only made evils run to pass a way than his…not his beloved ones
Man who used to be inspired with guidance
Man Allah lies the truth on his tongue and his heart

My Dear son
Be Gentle ahlul ibadah like Abu Bakar ra.
Man who will be called by all the gates of Jannah…
Be the beloved the Most beloved One…

My Dear son
Be like man in the market of Madinah
Who jump sacrifice his soul fight the man from Bani Qainuqa'
For the honor of his fellow sister
Know not her name
Know not her beauty
Know not her home

My dear son
Don't mix the sincerity…. with the Cowardice
Don't mix the real faith …with the stupidity
Grief shame lets your fellow sisters in trouble
Covered up by the lame excuse afraid of "slenderness"…

Be proud to be Moslem…
Speak loud with your beautiful character…
Man with dignity like Prophet Yusuf Alaihiwassalam
Combine the beauty figure and the beauty soul
Don't fall on the laps of beauty wicked woman
Jail is better than wicked beautiful woman….

My Dear Son
Be knowledgeable
Like Ali ra…
The mountain of the knowledge
The ocean of wisdom
The source of awesome inspirations
The leader of young
The brave soldier

My Dear son
Be sincere man
Like that "unknown" man in veil
who sacrificed his life to open the gate
To the victory of Islam
An unknown man
And still unknown
Will never be known
What does mean of name
What does mean of fame
All only the pleasure of his Lord who the best
who know the best what hidden beneath the deepest sea
who know the best what Hidden to the deepest of heart
who know the best what hidden and what concealed
His sincerity weight with jannah
His story will always be remembered
Be the mirror for them who thirst of fame

Oh My Dear son…
Am I annoying your sleep…
Forgive your mom….
You are still too small…
You world should be poured by joys and funs
With the language of simplicity
The world of innocent…
The world of purity..
The world of sincerity…
The world of honesty..
The world of serenity…
When you wake up in the night
you will see your parents standing, bowing, prostrating in tahajud
you will hear only the beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur'an

when you grow up
We will build our dream together

May Allah take care your heart
May Allah take care your mind
May Allah take care your eyes
May Allah take care your legs
May Allah take care your hands…

May Allah
Lighten your heart with the sweetness of faith
Strengthen you mind with the wisdom of knowledge
Make you be the one that He love
Gather you with people who love Him…..

May His Blessing always company you in ever single beat of your heart..
May He always protect you whenever you are

My prays…my mind
Will always company you in every step of you life…

[the one who are so happy be an aunt :)]
Bandung 18 April 2005