Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~The Love Letter Of The Beloved One~

Pic shot by Sr Dina Bliss

When we love someone.... all that come from him/her are just beautiful and wonderful. We love every single thing comes from our beloved one. We admire everything about him/her. We think she/he is the most and the only perfect person in the world. We do unconditional sacrifice to do our best effort to understand deeply his/her language: his/her words, gestures, countenances, even understand of his/her silent. We try to understand every single word that composed for us, listen heartily every singles things that come from her/his mouth. We want to understand our beloved one with heart, listen him/her with heart. All of them are just in intention to be totally compassion, sympathy, and empathy as the devotion to our beloved one and to grow our love to him/her more.

He/she is being the most important part of our life and even we take care of him/her more than we care ourselves. We would do anything sincerely and unconditionally to please our beloved one. The consequence we would try our best to watch out our behavior to not annoy her/him even just a bit. Ultimately we only think how to please our beloved one and how to make that person happy whole time, just to see his/her smiles face whole times. Live seem just with highest goal to please the beloved one…

Have you ever got love letter? Have you ever written love letters? If not let’s we imagine as if we ever did that, lets we imagine as if we are a true lover.

Now, lets we think Allah is our beloved one and the only one who deserve to be loved whole heartily, He is the destination, the foundation and the source of all the love in this world. And Imagine Holly Quran is His love letters that sent for us through our beloved messenger Rasulullah sallahu alaihi wassalam.

We actually just a lover in a short journey searching our beloved one and we are in lost...we are tying find the way to reach our beloved one (Allah subhana wata'ala). All we know He is waiting us, He always there but He actually very close and always watch us and He said a promise one day He will meet us and He will show His face to His sincere lovers, subhanallah – an ultimate gift for every lover to see one that loved. For that reason He has composed a book (Holly Quran) and it sent with His mercy because He loves us. He sent it as guider to read, understood and followed.

If we think Holly Quran as His love letters and if we sure it come from our beloved one we must yearn hardly to understand every singles words there. Even if we can’t understand the language we could feel the power behind that language, could feel the signal of love that sent while He composed it, just like the heart of lover that always in the sensitive frequency to catch the signal of the beloved through the barrier of language, distance and times. We could feel we are reading something lovely from our beloved one, even just only touch it, the heart has already started beating think we are going to read lovely words from our beloved one. We could feel the beauty, think all wonderful and amazing, our beloved one talking with us through His letters.

We can not pass our days without start by read His love letters, It like kind of addiction and necessity to read His love letter whole times and make it part our life. When we feel down and sad we remember Him and read His love words to peace our heart, when we feel alone and get lost we read his love letter to feel being loved to feel never being abandon and feel always have guider to show the way. When we hardly need best friends to share we go talk with Him in silent night, privately and closely while He could listen and understand the deepest side of our heart without we tell Him. We remember Him in every time, and His love letters always accompany us in every moment of our life, in our sad and happy moment.

We are in journey to be a true lover to find His love; therefore we must try our best to please Him in anything that we do. Ultimately we cant live without follow what He wishes and devote all our life and all we do just to please him…. as He is our beloved one.

People said what we read could influence the way we thought. Can we imagine if we read Holly Quran everyday and try to understand it everyday, so Holly Qur'an will influence the way we thought everyday, subhanallah….
We have to try our best to keep Holly Quran inside our heart, not just part of our book collection that never moved from our bookshelf. How many of use who care to read it everyday…how many of us who has "tafseer" be part of our book collections to understand every single word our beloved one??

Bandung 19th April 2004 ( 6:00 am WIB)
Rytha Nur'aini


ummuafeera 7:45 PM  

nice touch my heart...

Anonymous 2:16 AM  

really beautiful....mashaallah sis Rytha... there will be a queue ;) to read thz...