Saturday, March 25, 2006

~A Syeikh and That Brother~

One day, a syeikh was visited by a young man; a young man who was falling in love with a Non-Moslem girl, he was planning to marry her in the near future. But there was something within his heart which make him want to ask advice first from scholars before married that girl. He felt like he was going to do something wrong. He was confused; he had met many scholars in his city. They gave him different answers about the ruling marriage Non Moslem woman. He felt more confuse......

Finally a friend advice him to meet this syeikh outside the city…..he wanted to find the comfort and surety of his important decision of marriage the girl that he loves…. ….. He traveled for miles to reach this syeikh…..

Then finally he met that Syeikh….

He sit and told the syeikh about his matter and told him about some fatwa that he had heard from some other scholars…

He appeared like the most suffering person on the earth…. anxiously between his love and his faith….

After he told all his matter….the syeikh ask simple questions

“Are you Moslem? “

“Yes I am alhamdulillah”

“Do you know what the meaning to be a Moslem ?”
“Allah say
[1] a Moslem is someone who has great love to Allah over everything.
“Do you love Allah? “

“Yes syeikh “

“Dear son…. Ask your heart honestly … where is our Aqeedah as a Moslem ….would you think a good Moslem who said he loves Allah but in the same time he also love someone who is displeased by Allah? My dear son A Moslem doesnt tbink to love someone in this world…if that person does not deserve to be loved by Allah. A Moslem should only love something that Allah loves…”


That is a real story that was told directly by that syeikh.

It gave profound effect to me for some reasons.

The Syeikh didn’t explain any difficult fiqih matter but he went to a basic matter which makes that brother think.
Many of us interested to search fatwa but it is not really to find the truth, rather than to find the comfort, the evidents to support our nafs [lust]. and sometimes only for the sake of argue...astaghfirullah...

A good Moslem is the one who leave something that doubly especially something that can danger his faith….There are many options in life… he will not chose the option that can make him slip due of his over confidence in interpretation the rule of Allah…....Allah subhana wa ta'ala reminds him in some places if the black believer slaves even better than non believer woman

In the history, Umar bin Khatab radiyallahuan ever sent letter to a companion to prevent him married a Non Moslem woman. It was not because Umar didn’t know if Allah allowed Moslem man to marry chaste Ahlul kitab woman, but Umar didn’t want the action of that prominent companions would be followed by other Moslem men. Umar prevent other Moslem that probably would take that action as the example then they will prefer to marry Non Moslem women compare to Moslem women. At that time the non Moslem woman from Persian and Rome are beautiful….the time of full temptation where Islam was growing ….the glory of islam due the conquest of some lands….

Wallahu alam…..

Nowadays….Some Moslem brothers think about marry white sexy, beauty non Moslem woman… “I love white and tall woman”…. That said one of brother….

Some of them argue by said….what’s wrong?…. it allowed by Qur’an. this is personal choice [HUMAN FREEDOM]…. Some said…. I do this for dakwah…. [NO ARGUE] !!!

Is that so ?

Some of us are so confidence when have to play at the end of the "dangerous boundary".... The pleasure of "challenge" and "love" is a great temptation to follow... But when the "faith" [the most precious treasure ] is going to put into "the risk".... then we should take deep thought to consider our choice......Have to straighten the heart.. clear the intention... think what will be things going to lead ....Is that to the Jannah or to the frustation that lead to the hell...

The fact, things not always go like what they dreamt….when heart has been filled by love….eyes become blind… the nafs conquer the rationality… the brain doesnt work…. In many case their found their wife totally different [belief, culture, taste, etc etc etc]…..Let’s alone to lead her to embrace Islam ..

Many parents are crying to see how their son’s marriage life have end….. they visited to their son’s home … they surprised by the upbringing… the custom…. They saw their son has been changed to be someone else…. They lost their son…he changed become someone else... his life style…his belief…

In reality… there are many unmarried devoted Moslem woman. They work hard to take care their purity, their dignity as a real Moslem woman.

May Allah subhana wata’ala lead all our heart to the best destination…to love the right one and being loved the right person that can support each other to gain the highest love.. the love of Allah…

Wallahu alam bishshowab,,,,,

[1] Qur’an Al Baqarah 2:165
[2] Qur’an Al Baqarah [2:221]
[3] There are many interpretation regarding Umar action to probit companion married Non Moslem woman.. This is one of the fomous interpretation of his action…wallahualam…