Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~Tongue oh Tongue~

Tongue oh Tongue

Tongue oh tongue…
Why you so sharp….
Sharper than sword….
Stab straight to the heart ….

Mind of mind..
What you do…
What you think…
Why you let the tongue slip…
Did she say what actually you think?

Heart of heart….
The commander of body..
What you do…
What you command to the mind?
Did you so dark that make you so blind?

Rytha Nur’aini
Batam 5 August 2009


Shanaz 3:29 PM  

salam my sis,
after long time we read ur writing keep it up.Allah will bless ur tremendous wrk

Rehan 12:26 AM  

Tongue is a small piece of meat, but it creates love or mis understandings among people....So keep it in your control----> and always you should feel happy..!