Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~The sun and the moon~

The sun and the moon

What a so mysterious moon
What a so gorgeous moon
The light of the darkness…
The celebrity of the night

Everyone loves the moon
Everyone adores the moon

The sun….

Nobody adore him
Nobody know how he looks like
Nobody wants to see him.
His presence always wait
His shine always give warm
But nobody care how is he
Nobody see the hot he feels…
Nobody the suffer he feels
For giving the shine to the other

Who give the light of the moon?
The sun makes the moon shining
He only a big dark ugly circle on the sky without the sun…
Appear with rough surface..
With so many narrows..
With so many mountains..
With the barren soils
With the massive stones…
Moon would be death…
Lets alone to give a life to other…

Do I the moon, which use the light of other?
Do I the moon, which couldn’t live without the sun?
Do I, one who no deserve the compliments of the sun?
Do I, only living in illusion?

Rytha Nur'aini
14 March 2006


Rehan 12:29 AM  

Nice poem for nature lovers
God accept your feelings and emotions....!