Thursday, May 15, 2008

~My life is belong to You~

My life is belong to You
But I am still complaining for ordeals of this life

My life is belong to You
But I am still moaning of my heart bleeding

My life is belong to You
But I am still transgressing your laws

My life is belong to You
Please heal my heart
Be more ikhlas and ihsan…

My Life is belong to You
Forgive Your weak slave
Forgive Your sinner slave

Guide My Heart
Lead it to any way You wish
Lead my life to any way You please…
Let me be Your humble grateful slave...


Batam, 15 May 2008


Mifla 2:58 PM  

Asalmaulaiukum Warhmatulahi wabrakathu dearest sister rytha,

It’s indeed very beautiful and nice, something each one of us should feel deep within us as slaves of the almighty. It’s so nice to hear from u after a long time, may Allah swt always help u to enlighten the umma with ur inspirational writings, looking fwd for more, take good care.
May Allah swt always be with u

Waliukumsalam warhmatulahi Wabrakathu

Rytha Nur'aini 3:03 PM  

Wa'alaikumsalam warohmatullahi wabarokatuh Dear

Jazakallahu khair for your nice comments supports...

It is I just read a good story.... in that story there was a muslimah who experience so many ordeal in her life.... What so touching me... she always saying... " Allah My life is belong to you " Subhallah.... It sometimes we forget to remember Our Lord for whatever happened it is His right as we totally belong to Him... He is the best planner and He always knows what the best ....

La haulla walla quwata illa billah..