Thursday, May 10, 2007

~For all My Dear brothers and My Dear sisters part 1~

This is an old wrting.... I thought good to share...

Dear Akhwat wa Ikhwah fillah

Assallammu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh....

I have restrained myself to not write about this topic personally. But this matter has been killing my heart and my souls many times…… astaghfirullah… I was angry a lot of time [especially with myself] due of my disability to convey the messages. But how could I say I love you for the sake of Allah if I don’t able to convey the truth…

Please consider them as my sincere effort to do my responsibility and to fulfill your right in the process doing amar ma’ruf nahi munkar…

Bandung, 12 May 2005

Something which basically is permissible… but if the user are not responsible could lead to much destruction…

I might write so many mistake… those mistake from my shallowness…. please forgive ..

But all the truth from Allah …

The first part is for brothers…the second part is for sisters….

Part I

“My dear brother”
Who are you in your real life
What are in your real life…

You may say you are a real modest man,
Who care your gaze,
You may say you are a real gentleman
With beard…

People may say you are a real cool mu’min
People may say you are a real practicing man
People may say you are like scholar man
People may say you are respectable man
People may say they adore you as a real gentleman…

Be like that also on the net

If declared you never talk with woman in your real life..
Please don’t justify your interaction on the net

Al least
Please be consistent with what your belief…

Saying never talked with non maharam even more than 1 minute
But turn become a real chatter box
Spending hours chat with non mahram
Sharing every single detail
Comment every single thing

Please don’t be too sweet
Act as if a charming prince
Leaving poison into many hearts
Playing with other emotion

Please keep your charm to your wife [to be]
Please keep your jokes for your wife [to be]

Some of you were very knowledgeable people
A Da’wah worker
Respectable people

Remember Allah knows best what lies inside your heart’
Allah knows of the tricks that deceive with the eyes,
Allah knows all that the hearts (of men) conceal.

Don’t abuse the Qur’an wa Sunnah
Don’t use them to product fatwa to support your lust
Don’t use them to justify your actions

You do feel comfort because you shouldn’t face her
You feel comfort because she doesn’t see you
You think there is massive wall between you and her

There is distance between you and her
Have you found any scholars make a new definition of hijab?

The adultery of the eyes is the sight,
The adultery of the tongue is the talk,
The adultery of heart is imagination
The private parts testify all this or deny it

Be honest…..
What hijab you put between your hearts?
What hijab you put to control your mind?
You know best what lays both inside….

Is that just a simple screen?…
Is that just text?….

Don’t you know
You are talking with a real human being…
They are a real human being with heart,
They were created with bones…. flesh….blood
They have right to be respected
They have right to be treated like human being
They are not toys to play with
To filling your spare time
To be part of your adventure
To kill your loneliness…
To be part of your experience…
To be part of your wild inspiration…

Marriage is a scared things..
Please don’t use that “magic” word to trap sincere sister…
Please don’t use that “magic” word to ask their pictures…
Please don’t use that “magic” word to justify your interactions…
In pretext of getting to know each other….

Do you know what mean of that word?
Do you understand what is responsibility?
Do you comprehend every action lead to the consequences ?

Most of time you do not understand the consequences…
You do not know even how to move your fingers…
You will make your heart dirty..
You will make your life complicated…
Never start thing that you never able to responsible…
Never start thing if you do not know what the follow up…
Please act as a real gentleman…
Please do learn how to do the right process…

You do know how to fall in love
But do not know what you should do with that love

Life already hard
Don’t play with the fire
Don’t play with things that out of your control…

Go learn the Qur’an
Go read the tafsir
Go read the sunnah
Go read the syarah
Go read the syirah…

But please do not use the religion to fit your desire…

You were born and raised with some values
Don’t make “internet” as a facility to break those values…

Be consistent…. Be consistent…

Some of you belong to family/culture detest girl talk with man
You even will not tolerant if you find your young sister talk with guy on net
You forbid your woman to talk with man.

Since you were born
You have created what is a perfect girl in your mind
One who never talk with man…
The pure one….
The innocent ….
The untouchable…
With the virgin heart….


That really inconsistent…. if
Your actions created impurity to other heart
Your sweet words destroy innocents’ heart
You fill so many hopes inside one’s heart….

Then you abandon her

You spent time with someone that you do not want to end up
You know at the first place not fit with your type
They do not fit you value
You spend hours being close but you consider them just nothing

You think
You can go and come anytime in your idle times
No need think about responsibility
You may escape anytime
You may run anytime
You are unreachable…
You are untouchable…
You are safe….

You may just simple start you life with new one
Another sweet innocent that had been set up

Don’t you know..
You might broke one innocent heart
That heart might bleeding for the rest of her life

Sleep tightly
Enjoy your life
Beside your beauty wife
But remember you will meet your lord in hereafter
You will meet her in hereafter drag you to the flame of hell fire…

Some of you are married…
Tease and play around with young girl
Are you searching inspiration?
Do you need to refresh your old soul with the spirit of young?

Saying never loves your wife….
Saying never feels any happiness from the day one
Wondering….. How you made she pregnant…

You are man with a lot experience
You know all the tricks
You know how to grasp their heart
You how tame those pure gems

What actually you want?
What do you want from them?
Don’t you know the consequences what you do?
Don’t you think about your wife?
Don’t you think how she feel if she finds you chat around, tease around with girl?

Please go look yourself in front of mirror
See those gray hairs
Remember your doom
See your young daughter
Look at your dear young blood sisters
Do you like if man treats them like the way you treat these young sisters?

Can’t you see a woman just like a simple sister?
As simple young sister
As simple young daughter
who need your advice
who need your protection
who need simple respect

Act as an uncle
Act like as big brother
Act like their father…
Please do not chase to them always
To be your forth wife…

You hide your real name
Your real location
You want to hide from people
If you make wrong …you still safe your reputation


My Dear brothers
Where is the responsible gone?
Where is the shame gone?
Is that what said as the best ummah ?

If Umar still alive he would hit your head with his stick
He might behead you with his sword

You are a qowam
Allah raise you higher with that title..
To carry more responsibility
There are huge responsibilities on your shoulder
You are our hope to revive the ummah

You responsible to care you sisters
You should protect them
Not act like a wolf who ready to eat them
Not act like a evil who ready to trapped them
Not act like a devil who will ready to mislead them
Not act like a “bastard” who destroys their life…

Give them space…
Instead giving insecure feeling
They always alert with your presence
They try to hide their gender
They have to lie about their status
They hesitate to speak
They hesitate to contribute

Don’t teach them more how to hide
Don’t put them in condition to be an expert liar
In the sake of protection

What do you feel?
Didn’t that click you something?
Dint that lower your dignity?
How could you become that low?
Your fellow sisters should protect themselves that way…
Didn’t you feel like a harm contagious disease?

Young brothers…
Please utilize your time…
Instead monitoring women’s Id
The responsibility in your shoulder is bigger…

Remember Muhammad Al Fatih Murad
Remember Usamah bin Zaid
Remember Abdullah bin Zubair
Remember all your great predecessors..

They conquered Rome
They conquered Persian
They conquered Constantinople

Shame of you
All in your mind just about conquer girls…

Think what you contribute for the ummah
What you have done for Islam….
Learn their life journey
Follow their trait….

We should build a health environment
Apply the real teaching of Qur’an wa Sunnah
No suspicious
No envious
Taking care each other
Join in good
Forbid in evil
Protect each other dignity and the honor….

My dear respect brother….
I don’t mean to be rude
I don’t mean to teach you something
All what I do just trying to convey the messages….
I believe you more than strong to accept the more sharp criticize
You are a man….
InshaAllah the seed for the glory of Ummah…..

Wallahualam bishshowab…..

To be continues inshaAllah


shanaz 5:49 PM  

Assalamu allaikum waramathullahi wabarakathu
really good to share with us.whatever u told through tht article is true 100%.Without knowing ths our young sis getting prob.But they r good brothers toooo who really wanted to share good things with their sisters and help them to teach well.
In everywhere we can see bad tht is our hand to select good things.

Allah will give u more strength to write such Article more