Thursday, September 04, 2014

~Lets the life be whatever will be~

There are many ways to lose someone or something we love. We must begin to learn to not excessively love everything because everything's just a loan (amanah) from Allah.

Trying to be ready and prepare for any eventuality that could occur, and whatever it is, we shall survive to keep supporting the people who still need us ... (quoted from a friend)

Sometimes we have to patience, sometimes we are forced to move away and continue our life.

Allah has the full right to test His Slave in any ways that He wills.  Whatever the test, it should be what best for him.

Surely Allah will never burden His slave over than his ability.

Lets the life be whatever will be,… but Please ya Rabb leads our heart to Your path always, and never be astray.
Rytha N
Batam, 4 September 2014


Anonymous 2:04 PM  

Salam my sis,
after long time i saw ur blog and there were many blogs to read.Anyway happy to c u in the blog.Nice articles love it.