Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~Who am I ~

I exist since the time of Adam and Eve.
I am the truth, carry the same eternal messages revealed through the ages.
I carry the noble precepts and principles.
I am an un-doubtable argument, unchangeable supremacy and undeniable wisdom.
I am such a set of principles and beliefs that will fully satisfy every seeker of the truth and reality.
I sent to human being with the highest standard of worship and obedience.

I bring back the nature of mankind toward their Creator.
I raise their status from idols worshiper toward worship The One God the Most Almighty.
I free the mankind from the slavery of creatures to be the noble slave of The Creator
I raise the status of nation from ignorance and backward to be a nation of glory and victory

I am not terrorist or pretender.
I am not hatred or adversity.
I am not harm or affliction.
I came with the messages of love and peace,
Give the peace of mind and the surety of heart.
I create nation full of justice and greatness, until the justice spread like flower

I illuminate the soul of ignorance; guide the hearts of so blind,
I am the candle lighten the hearts with the ray of wisdom
Purify the heart from dirt of sins and ignorance.

I am the way of honesty
I am the way of trustworthy
I teach to share in prosperity and adversity
Giving openly in charity with the heart of sincerity
Giving all what loved in generosity
Care other like care oneself as part of dignity.

I invite human to embrace a noblest way of life, with the messages clear and pure.
I make them become fair, kind and helpful.
I change the nation from real savage to the gentleness.
I teach what the good character is
I change a drunker who drink all night, wage war all day, shameless fornicate become the best human being.

I safe the infant girls from buried alive in jest.
I elevate their status from the inferiority to have a significant role.
I put the paradise under their feet.
Make them equal in front of God, have the right to be treated equally.
I protect their right to life, the right to learn; the right to earn.
I give them the right to own and dispose property, the right to inherit.
I make them have right to choose a husband;
I protect their right as a wife, as a complete human being
I teach them to protect from immorality and pride

Black or White
From west to east, from south to North
All are all made from clay.
Forgot the color and forgot the pride.
I do not see what is outside but what inside.
I gather human heart as one, in the spirit of brotherhood.
I make their love of other as the perfection of their faith.

I am Islam
It is indeed a religion founded on truth
It is such a fountain head of learning that several streams of wisdom and knowledge flow from it.
It is such a lamp that several lamps will be lighted from it.
It is a lofty beacon of light illuminating the path of Allah.
It is a comprehensive way of life to all the creations

Rytha Nur'aini
Batam 27 August 2008
wrote and compiled for Hubby project


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