Saturday, November 08, 2014

“Dear..…. Don’t play with the sand”

“Why mommy?” (He is keeping busy making steps of his foot on the sand)

“It’s so dirty….You not listen to mommy????”

He pause with his innocent face look at me and said : “I am making my fossil mommy … “

Lesson learns:
Never too over react … inside our tinny beloved brain always a lot great things developping . They may thinking a next great invention :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

~Allah is there to fullfill your Right~


Sometimes we have to blind from seeing the weakness and the mistakes of others, and be more focus to see our own weakness and work hearder to improve become a better person.

Sometimes we have to stop to request and expect someone to become the one that we want, and learn to accept the person  and be more focus to his/her bright side.

We should be more focus to do our roles, duties and responsibility as best as we could in every scene of life, rather than busy in demanding our rights.

Keep in mind all time, that Allah is there… He never sleep....our Rabb who will suffice us, shower us and fulfill our rights, lift up our heart.

He is the One who Most powerful and the Most Merciful.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

~Love our Kids~

Whenever hear a news about someone lost her children, it like a reminder that nothing eternal. Losing a child is unbearable painful, especially for a mother. It’s like losing more than half of her soul and life.  The memories will keep echoing every time, every moment in her life. No wonder Allah will bless them with Jannah for them who ikhlas and patience.
It’s very easy to yell at our kids, being a dictator, a superior. Act as a boss that should be listened and followed.  And think parents always right no matter what they do.

Sometimes for no reason, we are so easy to get furious with them.  They like a dustbin of our frustration and disappointment, especially when we are in stress and in bad mood.  Feeling so disturb by their present,  send them out from our room because we need rest and want to be alone. 

With pretext to discipline them, we pinch and hit them, but actually that cover up our cowardliness for not able to handle our anger, and less tolerant to the younger who actually deserve our continuous advice and patience. The one that should have our tolerant because they are just a small… in fact many adult who act like kids and even worse.  Do we hit them also?

Love will never come by a force or order, because love is a unique bond of heart that grows through the process. It just like children love their mother because they feel a sincere affections, caring, protection, comforts, warm, tenderness, etc from a mother through intense interactions start from wombs, breastfeeding and upbringing.

Lets we love and hug our kids… Spend more time with them…. Prepare more stock of patience and tolerance…. Control our tone if they not listen what we are saying or not do what we want to do what we order…..

Once we scream at them, we kill so many cells that growing in their brain… For sure, they will learn to yell to other in the same way.
Never stop to say how much we love them, how treasure they are…. Never shy to say sorry whenever we out of control… and never shy to admit our mistake when we do wrong.. not try to give any justification.. because that how they will grow…try to find a justification for their mistakes…

Finally ….. in every peak moment of anger, in a very moment we lost our patience…..whenever they are nagging, fussy, spoil, ..... Just keep in our mind…. Be nice……we will never know until how long Allah trusts the children under our care. We never know maybe later when we grow older we act worse than that, and they will take care of us.

A very self reminder
Rytha Nur’aini
September 2014

~A cover~

It’s important to keep saying good about other, but it doesn’t mean have to say what that person is not actually.

It’s important to appear perfect, to protect self dignity, good name and reputation, but it doesn’t mean to live always in plastic cover…

Sometimes it is much easier to be yourself but keep trying to be a better person.

Reputation will come up by itself. What in the sight of Allah is more important than what in human mind. Allah knows what burying in the deepest of our heart,

There is no cover between us and Him.

Rytha Nur'aini
Batam, September 2014

~Lets the life be whatever will be~

There are many ways to lose someone or something we love. We must begin to learn to not excessively love everything because everything's just a loan (amanah) from Allah.

Trying to be ready and prepare for any eventuality that could occur, and whatever it is, we shall survive to keep supporting the people who still need us ... (quoted from a friend)

Sometimes we have to patience, sometimes we are forced to move away and continue our life.

Allah has the full right to test His Slave in any ways that He wills.  Whatever the test, it should be what best for him.

Surely Allah will never burden His slave over than his ability.

Lets the life be whatever will be,… but Please ya Rabb leads our heart to Your path always, and never be astray.
Rytha N
Batam, 4 September 2014

Friday, January 27, 2012

~Lets it~

Ya  Allaah…

When my heart in wound…
Don’t let it away from your deen
When my heart in pain
Don’t let it astray from your deen ..
When my heart in bleed
Lets it always love your deen
Let s it always love to gain the knowledge of your deen…
Guide it always to Your way
The way of the Owner of every heart…
La haula walla quwata illa billah…

Friday, July 29, 2011

~Which of the Blessings of Allah that will you deny~

Never complaints whatever live goes,” which of the Blessings of Allah that will you deny?”

Never give up and tired of life, “Verily, along with every hardship is relief “.

Remember always that "Allah is with those who are patient”.

InshaAllah we will survive

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~Tongue oh Tongue~

Tongue oh Tongue

Tongue oh tongue…
Why you so sharp….
Sharper than sword….
Stab straight to the heart ….

Mind of mind..
What you do…
What you think…
Why you let the tongue slip…
Did she say what actually you think?

Heart of heart….
The commander of body..
What you do…
What you command to the mind?
Did you so dark that make you so blind?

Rytha Nur’aini
Batam 5 August 2009

~The sun and the moon~

The sun and the moon

What a so mysterious moon
What a so gorgeous moon
The light of the darkness…
The celebrity of the night

Everyone loves the moon
Everyone adores the moon

The sun….

Nobody adore him
Nobody know how he looks like
Nobody wants to see him.
His presence always wait
His shine always give warm
But nobody care how is he
Nobody see the hot he feels…
Nobody the suffer he feels
For giving the shine to the other

Who give the light of the moon?
The sun makes the moon shining
He only a big dark ugly circle on the sky without the sun…
Appear with rough surface..
With so many narrows..
With so many mountains..
With the barren soils
With the massive stones…
Moon would be death…
Lets alone to give a life to other…

Do I the moon, which use the light of other?
Do I the moon, which couldn’t live without the sun?
Do I, one who no deserve the compliments of the sun?
Do I, only living in illusion?

Rytha Nur'aini
14 March 2006

Monday, August 30, 2010

~Self Pride ? ~

Be lenient and soft can tarnish your pride.
How to punish more,
You are hurt, but hurt more back.
Only because of pride

Doesn’t care the tears drop from one’s eyes,
kneeling and begging for a sorry,
Tearing one’s heart.
throw her pride, go down beneath the earth.

There is nothing remains,
One time when you sit back and gain back your consciousness,
You have lost everything,
A big wound and big hole in someone heart,
A traumatic feeling,
Create a shadow in one’s life,
Not less than physical pains.
Things will never be the same.

Arrogant pride won’t give anything
The pride should be when you can care your beloved feeling.
The pride when you have unlimited forgiveness and patience.
The pride is when you are hurt you can restrain yourself to not hurt back
Even if you have the chance do that..
The self pride when you can control your emotion when you want to explode
The pride is when the love overcome the egoism

That’s the true winner….

Rytha Nur’aini
Batam 29 July 2009